About Me

Artist: Hannah Juzwiak

I do not know which came first- the fact that I have many passions, or the inability to focus on just one. I thought that over time, some would die off and a single passion would bring me purpose and motivation. Instead, I’ve come to know myself as someone who will always feel pulled in many directions, due to my perpetual curiosity.

Art is one thing that has rooted deep within my heart, and is something I have presently chosen to commit to. Inkuity is the result of this commitment- to do something with my art, even if I don’t fully understand how or why. It is my gallery; a place for me to share a bit of my interpretation and exploration of life.

I am a self-taught artist, raised by an artist. My mom has always been my art teacher, and always will be. My inspiration to continue creating, even when I frequently decide to quit, is predominantly credited to my mom, my siblings, my dear friends and my husband.

To understand more of why I’m an artist, you can visit this blog post.